Cut the Waste

Letter To The Fraser Coast Chronicle Editor

Dear Madam,

One simple way to take pressure off rates is to reduce waste and extravagance.

To take just a couple of examples, the current council, as part of its Esplanade enhancement, pulled out two perfectly serviceable raised pedestrian crossings at Scarness, and replaced them with two raised pedestrian crossings. This took a sizeable gang a couple of weeks and cannot have been cheap.

And again, at no doubt huge expense, it removed the Main St/Esplanade roundabout to replace it with a roundabout. Different landscaping, but what else was the point?

We need to devote resources to new infrastructure, not tear up good infrastructure just because of some marginal change of fashion.
And they promise more of the same. The proposed removal of the Memorial Hall, relocation of the Scarness rotunda and the Torquay tennis court, and extension of Nielsen Park will cost collectively about a million dollars, when such projects are not wanted and not warranted.

In reshaping the budget, let’s start with some good sense, and limit the self-indulgence.

David Lewis
Candidate, Division 6