Little Things That Count

Little Things That CountShrubs to smarten up our entry

As visitors approach Hervey Bay, the most prominent feature they see, unfortunately, is 400 metres of high fence enclosing the Augustus Estate, topped by the unrelieved succession of tiled roofs.

The good citizens of Augustus are entitled to their wall, which no doubt acts as a visual and acoustic barrier from the highway, but we can improve the look, and the acoustics, by simply planting shrubs or small trees along the fence. Ideally this would be a continuous bank of natives, but even a tree every 10 metres would make a huge difference.

Our parks and gardens people do a good job with their planting, and surely this cannot cost much. This small thing would not only significantly improve the visual approach to the town, it would also make it look like we care.

Everyone knows that the whole traffic situation here needs urgent attention, and we must keep pressing the state government for action, but in the meantime we can get on with this. It will be needed anyway.

Pialba Car Park

The council have built a very nice car park in Main Street beside Freedom Park. But there is one snag – you have to pay. And so no one uses it. Maybe I’ve missed it, but I have only ever seen one car parked there, and that was a council vehicle! Presumably it wasn’t paying.

Perhaps we should revert to free parking here, at least for the next few years. It can always be converted to a pay park when circumstances warrant. In the meantime it is just a wasted resource.

I’d be interested in hearing your views on this, especially from those who work and run businesses there.

Beachside showers

The beach at Gatakers, where the old ramp was, is a lovely place to swim when the tide is in. And there is a tap to wash your feet. But no shower to wash the rest of your body. As the water is already at the site, I guess a plumber could have a shower installed there by morning tea. Let’s do it.

Are there other places you think need a similar shower? Let me know. There is already one at The Pines.

Any other little things you see that we need, especially in Division six? Send me a note and we can add them here.