The Fraser Coast is special and deserves a Council that recognises this

Article for Wide Bay Seniors February 2016 (p 12).

The Fraser Coast is special.

We have chosen to live on the Fraser Coast because of its beauty, its lifestyle, its facilities and its community.  Because it is what other places aren’t, and because it isn’t what other places are.

Councils need to do the basics like roads and  infrastructure etc, and do them well and cost effectively. That is important, but it is the bread and butter stuff which even a mediocre council should be able to do. A great community needs this, but deserves more than this.

The challenge for a council is to manage and enhance the present, and to plan for the future, while preserving all of those things which attracted us to live here.

Our challenge is to choose a council capable of carrying out this role in a manner which will unite us and not divide us, which will value the contributions of all of us, which will listen to both the concerns and the wisdom of the whole community.

I believe that I have the necessary skills and experience, the depth of community involvement over nearly 40 years, and a sensible, collaborative and consultative approach. I offer independence, innovative thinking and an openness to the best of ideas from the whole community; and valuable skills like analysis, critical thinking and negotiation gained over years working as a local lawyer.

I have a well-developed capacity for sifting sense from nonsense, and getting to the heart of things.

I am prepared to go beyond the platitudes and motherhood statements and share my ideas and issues. Read more at

Let’s work together towards a better council

David Lewis

Candidate Division 6 (Point Vernon, Pialba and Eli Waters).